Adhic - The Masters in Rubber Lining

Adhic Rubber Industries has been the foremost player in the Rubber lining industry in India for over 30 years. It is an enterprising, market sensitive firm that has been in the process of constant evolution by adapting to the changing needs of the industry and providing apt and creative solutions with the most appropriate technologies. Having acquired vast experience in handling major projects involving a variety of user industries it is only a natural progression for Adhic to expand its horizons beyond the shores of India.

Adhic is an India-based firm with its corporate office and processing plants in Kottayam, Kerala, which is the largest producing State in India for natural rubber and Headquarters of the Rubber Research Institute of India. The abundance of natural rubber ensures easy availability of raw materials for the industry, while the proximity of the Rubber Research Institute enables necessary chemical analysis and physical property testing for every consignment.

ADHIC Where Experience counts

  • 30 years in the Rubber Lining industry

  • Headquartered at largest rubber producing region in South Asia

  • Close proximity with Rubber Research Institute and Rubber Board India

  • Correct selection of raw materials for each application

  • Expertise in chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating

  • Applications featuring both Natural and Synthetic rubber

  • Vast experience in on-site projects in India and abroad

  • Processes and QA that ensure Zero Defect

Our Clients